My Weight Loss Journey Begins…

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a blessed week. This week I made a decision I was very hesitant about making. I always wanted to document my weight loss but I was always scared of showing my true self to the world. At this point in my life at 23, I feel the need to. So, I decided I would document my weight loss via youtube. I plan on talking about a wide range of topics, like stress- eating, depression-eating, dieting, exercising, and lifestyle tips in general. I cannot wait to share my story with you all. Comments and discussions are something I look forward to, so please feel free to comment! Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 7.31.36 PM.png

To watch my video, click here 

I hope to be supported by you all. I need it. It will hold me accountable and plus I love writing and creating content. Let’s all just support each other on this journey which will take more will power than ever! Bringing each other up, rather than tearing each other down is my life motto. Let it be yours, too. Life is so much better with peace.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


xoxo Sam



After College – Life’s Getting Real Now

Going to college from high school was exciting but very nerve-racking. I was going to be 45 minutes away, attending Providence College as a psychology major. I grew up spending time in Providence, so I wasn’t too nervous about it. I was excited to finally acquire some independence and to meet new people. Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 4.46.36 PM

Fast forward to where I’m currently at:

I’m getting my degree in Communication/Media Studies with a Psychology minor from the University of Rhode Island. My time there was very interesting and I met a lot of intelligent, talented peers and professors.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 4.46.53 PMThe graduation date is vastly approaching, leaving me with a lot of conflicting thoughts and feelings. I’m happy and grateful I made it to this point, however I’m thinking a lot about the job I’ll find and where opportunities will lead me. I get worried since there is so much competition in the television and radio field. I also sing, which is such a difficult industry to become a part of as well.

Anyway, what I realized is that life gets a lot more real when finishing college versus finishing high school (especially since I lived at home after transferring to URI, which was nearby). College, for me, was like a safety net. I did not have pressure to get an amazing job – just one to get me some extra money, and I knew how the whole school/class routine worked. I was accustomed to it.

I have a few pretty substantial goals, so I’m very eager to reach them (and I feel like it’s somewhat daunting). I feel the societal pressure to hurry up and get a good job to start making some money. Many people my age have already done amazing things and sometimes I compare myself to them and feel bad afterwards. In hindsight, I understand that’s comparing yourself to others is the worst thing you can do, but sometimes I just can’t help it. It’s like the pressure never ends!

I’m graduating in a couple of weeks, but I’ve been impatient, because I haven’t found a job I ‘m qualified and well-suited for considering my previous academic credentials. My family has said to me “It took you 4 1/2 years to get your degree, so getting a job won’t happen overnight.” I get concerned that I won’t find the job I want. I get worried that things won’t happen the way I want them to, but this is primarily because I struggle with self-doubt. I always have to remind myself that things will turn out how they are supposed to, and that if I work hard good things will happen. Saying those positive affirmations can help.

Trusting in my higher power, for me, especially comes into play when trying to figure my life out. It’s My ultimate fear is for my life to end without accomplishing the vital things I want to in my life. I want to leave some sort of imprint behind to show the world I was here for a second.

I also tend to get too focused on the future, rather than staying in the present – a detriment to the mind. Who else does this? SPOILER ALERT – LOTS of people. I have to remind myself that God has a plan for me. I also believe in the Law of Attraction. If you give positive (+) energy, you GET (+) energy. I try to block out any negativity now, although it can be challenging since I used to thrive in it.

Who knows – life can lead you in many directions. What you want to do today might change 6 months from now. You experience many things in this life, and from those experiences you discover old passions, new passions, and amazing people along the way who can inspire you. 


Are you graduating? Have you graduated? Tell me your story 🙂

If you’re in search for a job, and LinkedIn are great websites to utilize!


’till next time

xoxo Sam

The Weeknd – Legend of the Fall Tour 2017 & “My Dear Melancholy”

The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, has been creating hits for years now. I first really started listening to The Weeknd when his haunting, hit song, “The Hills” came out. I mean – that song would be on repeat during all of 2015. It’s especially relatable for people who have battled addiction and people involved in infidelity. I love the haunting yet relatable lyrics and sound. The Weeknd makes use of a powerful baseline in his music. His music ranges from hip hop, pop, all the way to powerful ballads reaching the highest and lowest of notes.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 10.41.09 AM

In September 2017, I was lucky to be able to go see The Weeknd ft. Gucci Mane at TD Garden (home of the Boston Celtics) with one of my best friends and my boyfriend! It was so fun and luckily the commute from Rhode Island came with minimal trouble.



He went on tour to promote his hit album, Starboy. I absolutely love this album and I think it’s truly a work of art. My favorite songs on the album are “Reminder”, “Party Monster”, and of course “Starboy”. I love his songs, because they have a haunting and powerful vibe (not to mention a KILLER base). He talks about things that people can relate to: depression, relationships turmoil, drugs, alcohol. His voice sounds just like Michael Jackson. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never confused The Weeknd for Michael Jackson.

Click here to view videos from the concert on my Instagram page!

The music video for Starboy is so captivating. It starts off with Abel as his new, “starboy” self. He is sitting across a room from his older look with his trademark (crazy) hairstyle he had. It then shows him killing his former self but suffocation with a plastic bag. He wears a mask and then takes it off and the song begins…

So much symbolism in this video, I tell ya. Scroll down and click on the link to view!

STARBOY – Music video 

The concert was packed. I even bonded for two seconds with people who were just really there for Gucci. My response, “hell yes, Gucci’s the man!” NAV, a Canadian rapper, was the opening act. Gucci Mane came on-stage next and I’m a fan of  SOME of his material, like the song Both and several songs he is featured on as well. I loved seeing Gucci, but was anxiously anticipating The Weeknd’s arrival. Soon enough he came on stage and suddenly lights were flashing and something was moving. I realized the stage was shaped like a Rocket ship and it was moving down . He played all of his hit songs, and if you’re thinking that I FLIPPED OUT when he sang “The Hills” from his previous album – you would be so right!

It was such a fun time! Go to ticket websites like Stubhub for the best deals on concerts! That’s my best advice for paying for them in a cost-effective way.

Now…time to listen to his new album: My Dear Melancholy. If you’re an avid social media user and/or follow celebrities, you probably know that The Weeknd and Selena Gomez broke up. In his new song, “Call Out My Name”, he seems to reference their relationship. This, of course, is all speculation.

“I almost cut a piece of myself for your life/Guess I was just another pit stop/’Til you made up your mind”  – Wow. People think he is referencing to that time Selena had a transplant due to her battle with Lupus. Her best friend ended up donating her organ to Selena. The last part can possibly refer to Selena going back into the arms of her former hot fling, Justin Beiber…


Well, whatever the truth is, as long as The Weeknd is putting out good music I guess we can’t complain.

Have you seen any cool artists in concert? Tell me about them in the comments!

xoxo Sam

Narragansett Beauty

Hey guys!! I figured since it’s Thursday, I’d post some #tbt pics!

I LOVE taking pictures! Lately I’ve been experimenting with the amazing iPhone X camera. Southern R.I., where I’m from, is the perfect place to get beautiful pictures. The best part is that you can take pretty pictures any time, whether it’s a cloudy morning, or a sunny afternoon. Narragansett can’t ever look bad. I love making use of the Panoramic setting on the camera (like in the image above on the left). For anyone with iPhone’s – I encourage you to make use of the different features within the camera. Portrait-mode (only available on recent iPhone models) and panoramic’s are amazing to try!

Sometimes it’s good to stop. Our lives can get busy, but stopping for a couple minutes to really take in your surroundings can foster appreciation for the environment that nurtured us. It’s so easy to take the place in which one grows up for-granted. It’s important to take a moment to appreciate our surroundings, as well as family, friends, and other blessings.

For more pictures, click here !

God Bless,

xoxo Sam

It doesn’t matter what you call it…

IMG_0644.jpgI’m going to propose something.

Lately I have been seeing posts on Facebook about whether or not addiction is a disease. Now, this is a very common debate especially with the recent opioid epidemic in the U.S. The comments were flooding and some tensions might have set in for some of the social media users. I have written past articles regarding addiction because of my curiosity and fascination. I also have lost people due to opioids. So, I recently commented on someone’s Facebook post proposing this: it doesn’t matter what we call itLabels are just words we can something to put it into a category. One thing I learned in my psychology classes at URI was that humans like organization and labels. That’s why we have a whole taxonomy of Earth’s species. It helps the brain if we can add a name to something to help recognize it in the future.

I think people get wrapped up in what to call addiction/substance abuse. The problem with this is that we focus more on whether or not to call it a “disease” and less on how we help our afflicted loved ones get better. I am not against labeling something, but I think the bottom line is that addiction is something that is so hard to overcome, but is TREATABLE (note that I did not say it was “cure-able”). Once your body takes in a drug and dopamine is released (meaning that it feels good) your brain will remember that and want more. Addiction is something you must manage for the rest of your life, no matter what it is (sex, gambling, shopping, drug use, etc).


The focus needs to just be on how one can stop doing what they’re doing and coping mechanisms to stop the alcohol/other drug use. Calling addiction a disease can change people’s perceptions of addiction. It may perhaps make people more understanding of it or force people to realize it is not a matter of 100% will power. However, the reality is that not everyone is going to understand addiction. In order to fully understand it, it has to affect you or you have to be the one who’s addicted.

Personally, I am more towards the ideology that addiction is a disease however I am not the fence. I debated this in my mind ever since I really started seeing stories on the news of thousands of people dying each year to opioid overdoses. However, I think the overarching theme of addiction should be that it is something that:

A.) should NOT be stigmatized because many people suffer from it

B.) is treatable with the proper medical and psychological care

C.) will power & choice (frontal lobe stuff) slowly is diminished

*****Click here to watch a video on addiction by Dr. Kevin McCauley*****

I’m curious to hear your opinion. Please comment below!

xoxo Sam

P.S.  – I also wrote an article on addiction for The OdysseyOnline  – check it out under “Sam’s Choice”



Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 6.32.32 AM

LUSH Cosmetics has been one of my favorite stores for years now. I go to the store in The Providence Place Mall since that’s the only one nearby. Before I even heard of LUSH, I walked by their store one day and was immediately intrigued and bewildered…and a little hungry afterwards. I mean…their handmade, colorful skincare products resemble pieces of food after all!

Why I love LUSH:

  • they have so much variety of products – face masks, scrubs, soaps, shampoo, lip scrub, and lip balm to name some
  • all products are handmade with no preservatives
  • their products are NOT tested by animals and they do not condone animal testing in general
  • the associates in the store are very friendly and helpful
  • you can test their products in the store with the help of an associate to see how it reacts with your skin


LUSH can get pretty expensive. One bath bomb can be up to $10 per bomb (WOWZASS). That is the only drawback I can think of. However, buying a couple of things probably won’t break your bank. If it doesn’t, you should definitely check this store out! Also, LUSH Cosmetics uses no preservatives, so they can go bad faster than products with preservatives. My best advice is to shop for these products as you need them to avoid anything expiring. Now…TREAT YOURSELF!

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 6.23.07 AM

I love this scrub because of the salty base, the beautiful blue color, and the granules which really exfoliate the skin, leaving it smooth after a shower/bath.  I love having a scrub that really gets deep into the pours and smells amazing, like this one does. The smell is a subtle orange blossom, so it’s very refreshing for the skin.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 6.20.54 AM

This popcorn sugar-based lip scrub delivers the perfect mix of salty and sweet. There are other nice flavors including peppermint and chocolate, but popcorn was my favorite after testing it in the store. All of the dead skin on my lips were removed and my lips were smooth and silky after use. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 6.52.25 AM

Doesn’t this look like food? Well, it’s not! This is the Honeycomb soap bar, made with REAL honey (yup…from the bees). I LOVE this bar because the scent is potent and left my skin feeling smooth and smelling yummy. They have a plethora of soaps that really lather and moisturize the skin.

Visit LUSH Online  – LUSH Cosmetics USA Website  – Go check ’em out!

Please let me know if you would like me to review other products! I hope you enjoyed reading and drop me a comment below!



Note – All of the above opinions are entirely my own


xoxo Sam